An assistant helping enhance mobile messaging by predicting visual content.

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Dango appears in any messaging app. It understands text, quickly predicting emoji, GIFs, kaomoji, and stickers to enhance conversations. This product consists of a collection gallery and a small character that floats over apps, showing an expanded selection of content when tapped.

The Challenges

  1. How do we get users to understand the depth of Dango's textual understanding (ex. slang)?
  2. How do we show a plethora of content without overwhelming the user?
  3. How do we make a floating/pop-up app desirable instead of annoying?

The Solutions

Google Playstore

Main Website

The difference between love and loss.

getdango.com begins with an interactive text box that translates words into emoji. Mimicking how the app would work on a phone, users can explore the depth of Dango's understanding capabilities.

The website goes further into details regarding content personalization, sticker artist sign-ups, privacy, and the finer technical points behind combining deep learning with emoji.

The App: Floating Dango

A "mini-bubble" appears for quick emoji input when a phrase is particularly strong. Tapping on Dango will always open a window where you can view relevant content.

Shown: Relevant Emoji, Frequently/Recently Used Emoji, Emoji Combos

Add GIF Collections to send reactions from your favourite shows, celebrities, and more

We curated GIFs into Collections, allowing users to add and personalize the content they send (ex. only GIFs from a certain cartoon). We individually tag GIFs within an emoji semantic space, not just by keyword.

The App: Collection Gallery

While Dango has a window that floats over other apps, the main app serves to aid users personalize their Collections. Add a Collection and test its content all within the app.

Dango: The Character

Dango predicts and becomes emoji!

By enabling Dango to react to conversations in a cute and humorous way, its presence becomes more amusing than annoying. Going through sad times? Dango cries along with you.

GIF Websites

"Chat" with Dango and he'll show you emojis and GIFs!

Several mini web applications were created to showcase how Dango can translate text into GIFs in the same way as emoji. Sites have individual themes to advertise GIF Collections available within the app.

Kaomoji Learning

Alongside the release of our kaomoji collection, we created an interactive post showing different ways symbols can be used to create faces.

Is it an eye? A mouth? How about BOTH.

The post goes on to teach how kaomoji are put together, ending with a textbox that acts as an educational tool — but also hints at what's possible within Dango.

One-click to copy kaomoji ヾ⁠(●⁠^⁠▽⁠^⁠●)ノ

The Process